Help your students explore their futures with confidence… and win prizes too!

This exciting new addition to SUN’s offer is designed to support both students and staff, while complimenting your school’s existing careers provision. With prizes for engagement, students are incentivised to be proactive in their future decision-making.

Students in the driving seat
As students take control of their future, exploring their interests and identifying options through a series of resources and quizzes, increased engagement in their education is an expected outcome. As they gain ownership of their progression journey, and enhance their decision-making ability, students will feel motivated and see the benefit of taking their studies seriously.

Helping students to flourish
As your students’ knowledge increases, so will their confidence, as they explore an array of possibilities and empower themselves in seeking the information they require. This in turn will help them to refine their options and seek tailored support from their school in achieving their future endeavours.

Real life skills
Through engaging video clips of real students sharing their experience of higher education, your students will gain valuable insight into their options after college, and the life-skills they need to develop and acquire to make that exciting next step.

Developing up-to-date knowledge
The quiz draws on local providers and labour market information to help both students and staff gain awareness of real-world opportunities available in their area. As well as information on courses and social activities at local universities, students are directed to useful content on YouTube. These resources are also designed to help them answer the quiz questions.

Resources for you
With complimentary activities for short tutorial sessions; valuable insights to support engaging one-to-one careers conversations; and useful websites and resources to develop your offering, our new platform is here to support your school in many aspects of CEIAG.


Curating your career provision
With real-time access to your students’ current knowledge base, identifying gaps and common themes can help structure your school’s careers offering, whilst supporting you in ensuring your students are directed to appropriate provision and interventions they each uniquely require.

And finally the important bit…the prizes 😀
As students begin interacting with the platform and taking the quizzes, they will accumulate a score and every term the student with the highest score will be awarded a prize (such as an amazon voucher). Schools will also be entered into the regional leader board, gaining points for their students’ accumulated totals, to win prizes such as donations to the library. By introducing a fun and competitive element to your careers sessions, students are incentivised to take part and reap the benefits of the programme.